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shut up and grill:


nat: oh man, of course the sheriff reverts to bachelorhood as soon as stiles leaves the nest







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Yes. This. Mostly because I’m seriously disappointed in the lack of Derek/Sheriff fics. *stares at WIP folder*

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Why brain?

Idly thinking about how the Teen Wolf cast would do if reset into the mythos of Batman. You know, like you do when you’re in the shower and staring at the grout you really do need to clean while shampoo slides down your face.

See, Derek’d be a good Batman. No contest there. And Kate could be the Joker. Oh, and Scott would be Robin! But which one? Dick Grayson or Jason Todd? Both have their merits. And Isaac would be a Robin too, but again the issue is which one? The only thing that’s a given is that Stiles would be Tim Drake. But wait, the Sheriff would be Gordon, which would technically make Stiles the first Batgirl….

And that’s about the time —right when the damn shampoo gets in your eyes— that you realize your mind is out to get you. Because fuck the rest of that AU. Just fuck it.

Stiles is Batgirl.

And you’re going to reside in the fiery flames of hell until that gets written.

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"No!" Ino screamed in frustration. "I don’t want to see another picture of your daughter! I don’t care how cute she is or how wonderful or how perfect she is!"

She’d had enough, no mission was worth this- this torture! Picture after picture. Album after album. All of a smiling little girl who really was a cute thing until you met her father. She was done with this. The man might have an open relationship with his wife, but Ino was no longer interested in getting close enough to him to see what info he’d let slip. For the sake of her sanity if nothing else.

The Village would just have to do without this mission. They’d understand. Really.

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The door closed behind the Queens, sealing them in the chamber and away from the horde of diplomats and aides that where the ones really running the discussions. Basch stationed himself to the right of the door. Ashe had a habit of sticking to the walls opposite a doors hinges. It’s the same one Vossler had years ago, and Basch knows the sense in it.

A faint scuff draws his attention to the other side of the door.

General Beatrix mirrors his position. One eye fixed on the hall before them and hand casually resting on her weapon. They have not had the chance to talk yet, but he already knows a lot about the woman from the way she moves. She is, he thinks, a formidable soldier.

Basch turns his attention back to the crowded hall. He hopes that the outcome of this meeting will be favorable enough that he would not have cause to find out exactly how formidable.

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"Look, woman," Jyabura pushed the blonde’s hand away. Again. If his Gyatharin didn’t get so queasy over a little blood he would’ve ripped that hand off a while ago. "I said I’m not interested. Now fuck off!"

The woman pouted and crossed her arms under her breasts. The move pushed them up for better view and put more strain on her already tight shirt. Even if Jyabura wasn’t so in love with his Gyatharin he would’ve stared at that, but the move reminded him too much of Kalifa which effectively killed that interest.

"What are you, some cold fish?" the woman purred, leaning in again and letting her hand  run up his thigh. "You can’t be uninterested…"

A noise from the kitchen sent a jolt through Jyabura. The last thing he needed was to have Gyatharin see him letting some hussy feel him up. She was just starting to come around to him! He scowled and yanked the hand away. Again. This time he used the smallest fraction of his strength to crush the thin wrist.

"I said," Jyabura grinned viciously as the color drained from the woman’s face, "I’m not interested. Now fuck off or I’ll really hurt you."

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"What are you doing?"

Zoro froze, face going pale at the deceptively sweet question. Slowly he turned to face his doom. Sakura stood in the doorway to the hospital room. Smiling and looking perfectly at ease.

"Well?" She stepped in, closing the door behind her.

"I’m-" Zoro looked down at the weights Luffy’d smuggled in, the bandages wrapped tightly around his chest, and the bed he’d been ordered not to leave. He looked back up. Sakura was right there. Smiling that sweet smile that sent chills down his spine. "Getting back into bed?"

"That’s what I thought," Sakura snagged the weights from him. Holding it loosely —with only two fingers!— she used her other hand to guide him back to the bed. Making sure to slip two fingers into one of the still healing holes in his chest.

Zoro stubbornly grit his teeth against the yelp and slowly let her push him down. He was fine dammit! He didn’t need to be treated like an invalid. But the words stuck in his throat as a —long denied, according to Nami— sense of self-preservation kicked in and told him in no uncertain terms not to deliberately anger the young medic before him.

"It’s time to change these bandages anyway," Sakura fairly chirped, her face and voice so insanely cheerful, as if to make up for the pure evil he could see in her eyes. "Let’s see if you managed to pop anymore stitches today."

Zoro swallowed hard and steeled himself for the incoming pain.

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